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Dott. Enzo Cainero

Enzo Cainero is the figure of reference of the project “Gemona Città dello Sport”

He is a business consultant in Udine and he is well known for his life long carrier as sport manager and organizer of great events.

Sport activites

The project aims to develop the economy and the tourism in Pedemontana and in Alto Friuli area thanks to the many sports practiced in the territory by a higher number of fans.

The local administration of Gemona del Friuli, taking advantage of the exclusive Sport campus, branch of the University of Udine, that offers a Bachelor of Sport Science and a Master of Sport Science, unique in the region, promotes the project “Gemona, the City of Sport Activities and Welfare”. A large and diverse offer which goes from archery to mountain biking and orienteering on the plateau of Monte Prat, but also fencing and horseracing in San Daniele, canoeing, kayaking and sailing on the Cavazzo’s lake ( known also as the “Lake of the Three Towns”), riffle range in Tolmezzo, climbing in the gyms of Gemona, Osoppo, Villa Santina, Raveo, Verzegnis, Trasaghis, Cavazzo Carnico, athletics on the racetracks of Majano, Tolmezzo and Gemona, hang-gliding and paragliding in the skies of Artegna, Montenars, Bordano, Trasaghis, Gemona and Alto Friuli.

The Project has also found support from some major sponsors such as Fantoni S.p.A., Gruppo Pittini, Confindustria di Udine, Iob Silvano and Cassa di Risparmio del FVG.

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The degree in Sport Science wants to provide to its own students the competence related to comprehension, planning, management of the motor activities in an educational, adaptive and sporty way by getting them to development, maintenance and recovery of the motor skills and psico-physical wellness.