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Semiperdo Association

The revived interest in sports in contact with nature is affecting more and more people to orienteering, the sport of the woods. The majority of the practitioners in this discipline has found the right combination of the physical movement and the pleasure of participating in an outdoor activity.

In racing spirit and motivation of the participants may be different: some faces the competition from an exclusively competitive spirit and others compete in short and easy routes without many worries for the placement. To complete the path regularly is already in itself a rewarding. For this reason, orienteering is a sport for everyone. The new categories are divided by sex, age groups (from 10 up to sixty and more …) and with different difficulties along the way.

What happens during an orienteering race.
The race begins with the delivery to each participant of a very detailed topographical map on which are indicated with conventional signs, departure, arrival and intermediate control points where you will have to pass obligatory.
In those paths, the lantern is placed on the ground (a prism with a white and orange triangular base) fitted with punch forceps with which to document the transition occurred on the appropriate “tag witness” that each contestant must bring and deliver at the end.
The path to follow between a control point and the other is free: everyone chooses what it considers the best on the basis of the information that will be able to gather from topographic map.

Will win who will do the entire route in the shortest time.

The orienteering season starts in January and ends in December and then there’s the ski-orienteering, for those who are familiar with cross-country skis, or bike-orienteering for those who feel a lightning bolt in cycling. For the disabled is expected a “trail-o”, orienteering precision.


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