Mountain Bike

Gemona – the city of sport activities, offers a labyrinth of endless single-track, mule tracks and circuits for all fans of cross-country.
Lovers of GRAVITY disciplines will meet their one’s match: the Chiampon Mountain and the Cuarnan Mountain.

From 2009, on the initiative of the double world champion of cyclo-cross Daniele Pontoni, to adults and children are offered educational fields of variable duration, where you can learn all secrets of the two wheels, dipped in the green of the plateau of Monte Prat di Forgaria nel Friuli (UD).

The passion and the interest in mountain biking for cyclo-cross has increased exponentially around the world due to the large number of fans.
The driving force is the desire to make a healthy sport in the open air, in unpolluted places that have beautiful landscapes and strong emotions that the downhill slope gives. In some way this kind of sport activity summarizes cycling and backpacking.
Gemona offers a labyrinth of endless single-tracks, mule tracks and circuits for all fans of cross- country and gravity disciplines as all- mountain and freeride. Every year the territory can see a lot of national competitions as Venzonassa and the Italian championship of Superenduro.

For the mountain biking lovers, just a few kilometres from the slopes Crotis and Zoncolan, which are famous thanks to “Giro D’Italia”, is possible to face attractive routes for cyclists that want to try new challenges thanks to the difficult uphill slopes and the technical downhill slopes for cyclist that love to discover different landscapes of enchanting mountains, rolling hills, forests, rivers and towns rich of art and tradition.




After passing the town of Forgaria walk along the main road and after a long and difficult uphill slope we reach Monte Prât. We cross the plateau and we continue along the road that crosses the south-east side of the mountain Corno ( horn) towards the Cuel de Forchia where the descent begins, with slopes very well marked. Overcome some stretches of steep descent, make sure to turn to the right and then take the dirt track at a time of Malga Monte Cuar. The first stretch of the road leads into a lush forest of big pines first and beeches then. When we come in sight of the hut, the landscape becomes rather typical of the high pastures. It is recommended to walk to the ridge, climbing along the meadows in order to enjoy an exceptional view. After that we resume our track and we continue to the east by climbing another hundred meters, before going on the exciting descent that will take us back to the paved road already covered in the first leg. During the downhill slope pay attention to the exposed stretches and to the draining boards in cement. Repeat the previous downhill slope to the north, following up to Avasinis. Then right and then right again at the junction at the time of Peonis and then Cornino, thus returning to the starting point.

› Cornino (Ud)
› DISTANCE: 48 km (complete) – 30 km (reduced)
› TIME: 3.30/4 ore
› TOTAL ASCENT: 1200 m
› MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 1271 m slm
› BOTTOM: 35% carrareccia, 65% asfalto



The route is intended to cyclists and it is easy; the route is signposted and marked by arrows with green markers.
The track is suitable for amateurs or beginners, it develops almost entirely on large well-groomed dirt roads and on an uniform roadbed.
From the starting point, through an easy and wide road, you can reach the grassy Sella Sant’Agnes (km 2.5), which offers a wide overview of Gemona and of the Plain of the Tagliamento.
Then the itinerary takes you along the slopes of Monte Cumieli: the dry uphill of gravel will allow us to climb the top of the hill Pianetto of Cumieli, the highest point of elevation of the route (km 3.1).
While you are going downhill, always on a wide road, you will go to the hamlet of Ospedaletto; particularly spectacular results a short stretch of cobblestones, which offers a panoramic postcard of the entire Pedemontana Gemonese.

Touching the ruins of the fort of Monte Hercules (km 4.6) we will go downhill easier till Minisini Lake (km 5.7) where we will reach Borgo Molino (km 6.5), and then will meet again the asphalt.

A short stretch of asphalt will allow us to reach the area of the Shooting target, where a wide and white road will lead us to the ford of Torrente Vegliato (7.4 km),then walk along the fence of the Camping Ai Pioppi in order to arrive to the final roughness of the path: the uphill of Via Fornas which has constant slopes but not impossible, will allow you to close the loop back to the starting point.

› Gemona L.a.s.e.r.
› DISTANCE: Km 8,8
› TIME: 45 min
› MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: Pianetto del Cumieli m. 474
› BOTTOM: sterrato 93% – asfalto 7%



The route includes a medium-high degree of difficulty and is indicated by arrows with red mark.
The route has a length of about 10.5 km. From the starting point you can continue along the dirt road that leads up to Sella St. Agnes, at 430 meters above sea level.

The climb has an average gradient around 6%, and is characterized by a wide dirt road which bottom is regular and compact.
Once you go across the grassy saddle of Sant. Agnes, you will find a downhill road that goes towards the Rivoli Bianchi.
Reached the area of the Stavolo Cjrlo take a path on the right that allows single track to reach the shore of the Rivoli Bianchi.
After a short stretch of gravel road that runs along the bed of the stream, you will take back a track that first uphill and then through an interesting section of bumps and hollows will take you to the Fort of Mount Hercules.
From here, the red route is connected to the green route: following the red and green schedule you will continue in the direction of the area of the Minisini Lake, almost touching it.
Near an intersection, you can leave the main road and the green route by turning left. A short but challenging climb will bring you to the top of the hill, from where begins the Troj di Cueste: an exciting path that is situated in the halfway up of slopes of Monte Cumieli, will allow cyclists to touch the area of the Shooting target, from which going then uphill along the wide Via Fornas you will return to reach the starting point of the route.

› Gemona L.a.s.e.r.
› DISTANCE: Km 10,5
› TIME: 1 ora
› MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: Sella Sant’Agnese m 430
› BOTTOM: sterrato 100%



Description – coming soon

Point of departure / arrival: Gemona (Sports Center The Asher. 311 m)

Length: 17 kms

Difference in altitude: 565 m

Degree of difficulty: medium-high

Road surface: 86% dirt road – 14% asphalt

Highest point of elevation: 474 m Pianetto of Cumieli

DPD: Girs Cuarnan of 441 m (km 11.6)


The Bikeway Alpe Adria (Alpe Adria Radweg in German) once completed will become a cross-border long-distance cycle route that will connect the city of Salzburg, on the northern side of the Alps, to the seaside town of Grado.
Thanks to its central position in the Bikeway, for tourists from Austria, Germany, Slovenia and other regions, it is possible starting from Gemona, enjoy all the its paths , this will give visitors the opportunity to discover unsurpassed scenery and stop for a refreshing break in one of the many accommodations and food and wine structures of the area.



Born in August 2009 on the initiative of the twice cyclo-cross world champion Daniele Pontoni, and supported by the comunal administration and the CONI, the School, is the first and the only one of its kind in the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia,and it offers to adults and children educational fields of variable duration, in which they can learn about the secret of two wheels, in the green plateau of Monte Prat in Forgaria in Friuli. During the course and the days of the event a qualified staff which includes doctors, nutritionists and mechanicals, is coordinated directly by Daniele Pontoni and it offers a variety of practical activities in mtb, some lectures about road safety education, healthy diet and engineering.
The school “Mont di Bike” is located in the center of Monte Prat, in Casa per Ferie San Lorenzo, which can accommodate up to 54 people, thanks to its own restaurant and customizable menu, bar and laundry room, two conference rooms, indoor and outdoor recreational spaces. Close to the hotel there are several pedestrian rings and bicycle paths, that wind throughout the city and in neighboring towns, reaching a total length of over 40 km.
Nearby there is also a multi-purpose and a football field.
Throughout the year there are organized some competition or events in order to encourage even the novice to this sport.



More information on the website

Download an illustrated brochure


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