Alessandro De Marchi

Alessandro De Marchi is a road cyclist racer that runs for the Italian team Androni-Venezuela. It is professional since 2011.

He was born in San Daniele del Friuli on May 19, 1986.


Alessandro began racing in Cycling Bujese in 1993 (the year in which Flavio Milan turned professional),he was 7 years old and he raced till the age of 16years old in the colors of white –red- blue. He had a gradually competitive growth and he has started to get good results since he was a student. A serious guy, who did with his passion and his perseverance one of his best weapons, becoming one of the most talented Italian amateur, both on the road and on the track, and he immediately put himself in light when he passed to the higher categories.
Since he was a junior, in fact, got some results, both in the international arena, getting the seventh place in the Tour of Istria and in the Nationals he arrived in the second place in Trittico Veneto. When he was in the Under 23 team, he debuted with the Team Bibanese, society of Veneto but affiliated in Friuli, and then he moved in the last two years in Friuli Cycling Team directed by Roberto Bressan. Between Under 23 and Elite he has collected a dozen victories.
He won the 2007 Italian Championship on track in the pursuit of the teams along with Cucinotta, Ermeti and Montaguti, a stage in the Tour of Peaches Nectarines, the International of Folignano in 2008, but also in 2009 in Turin – Biella and a Grand Prix City of Verona. It has a fourth place at the European Championship on the track behind engines, he participated in the national team at the World Championships on track in 2009 and in 2010 and some heats of the World Cup on the road. In 2010 he won two Italian Championships on the track in the team pursuit and in the individual specialties. Alessandro went pro in 2011 with the team Androni Toys Gianni Savio, who was favorably impressed by the performance offered by the friulan cyclist.


On the road

2007 (Bibanese Permac Cardin, two victories)

_ Trophy Marlene-Bracelet Cronoman

_ 3rd stage of Cycling race Peaches Nectarines Romagna (Cesena)

2008 (Team Bibanese, two victories)

_ Grand Prix Folignano

_ Città di Conegliano Trophy

2009 (Cycling Team Friuli, two victories)

_ Gran Prix Città di Verona

_ Tour of the Province of Biella

Other successes

2011 (Androni-C.I.P.I., A victory)
_ 1st stage, 2nd half-stage, International Week of Coppi and Bartali (Riccione, time trial team)

On track


_ Italian Championships, Team Pursuit race (with Claudio Cucinotta, Jairus Ermeti, Matteo Montaguti)

_ Athens Open Balkan Championship, Team Pursuit race(with Gianpaolo Biolo, Gianni Da Ros and Martin Marcotto)


_ Italian Championships, Individual Pursuit race

_ Italian Championships, Team Pursuit race(with Alex Buttazzoni, Angelo Ciccone and Mark Coledan)


_ Italian Championships, Team Pursuit Race (with Omar Bertazzo, Jairus Ermeti and Filippo Fortin)


_ Italian Championships, Team Pursuit Race (with Alex Buttazzoni, Angelo Ciccone and Elia Viviani)

Grand Tours

Tour of Italy

2011: 109th

2012: 98th

Classical monument

Milan-San Remo

2011: 129 º